Ultra Healthier are independent distributors of forever living products offering high quality Aloe Vera based drinking gels and personal care products. Our aim is to provide access to natural remedies for internal and external conditions of the body.

Aloe Vera has a high moisture content that penetrates deep into the skin to hydrate developing skin cells, whereas standard moisturisers only moisturise the upper layer of skin.

We make no claims that Aloe Vera can be used as a "cure" however individuals have reported benefits of using Aloe Vera over many years for various different reasons including:




Cold Sores

Bowel Conditions




Forever has a variety of products from drinks and gels, personal care, nutritional supplements, weight management and make up to essential oils.

General Health

Forever has a variety of supplements to promote good health including calcium, fibre, vitamin C, folic, omega 3 and lots more. The Forever range also includes hand wash, moisturising lotions, tooth gel, drinking gels, topical gel (aka First aid in a tube) and hand sanitiser.

Weight Management/ Fitness

There are two main fitness products in the forever range. We have the C9 which is a 9 day programme that prepares your body and adjusts your mind-set for the F.I.T 15 programme. The F.I.T 15 is a 15 day nutrition and exercise programme that is available in beginner, intermediate or advanced. Both programmes are designed to help you make permanent changes to your lifestyle.

Animal Use

All but Argi+ of Forever products can be used for animals.


Who we are, how we got here, why we do it, what is forever?

We are Charlotte and Rob, and we own a forever business! we are the average person, the man or woman down the street, the person at the shop that cannot decide which brand of beans to buy. But there is a difference, we work for ourselves! After spending many years working in safety assessment together we had worked our way up to a good position, however as with most jobs the higher you get the more responsibility you take on, Does that get rewarded? No! After seeing the opportunity to start our own forever business we were sceptical, work from home, decent product, and a good return while being supported. Sounds too good to be true, but after having a discussion with a current business owner we were invited to a presentation where we learnt about the benefits of aloe and was given the chance to try the product. Was this a room full of professional speakers? Nope, these where people like me and you, they showed nerves, there was a level of vulnerability, but what they did show was a passion for the product and dedication to succeed. So that brings us here, we signed up to become part of the business, started retailing some product, replaced products in our home and started showing others how to be part of the team.

We are recruiting!

If you are an enthusiastic individual with a desire to succeed then we want to hear from you!
Become part of a globally recognised business today and be your own boss.
Opportunities are available part time or full time, it doesn’t matter what your background is.
There is fantastic earning potential for dedicated individuals

Become your own boss

By becoming your own boss this means you work for yourself! However, you will never be working by yourself. The team is highly dedicated to helping individuals to gain what they want from the business, whether that be putting in a few hours to get a couple extra quid in the pocket at the end of the month. Or you aim to leave your job and run a forever business full time. Support and guidance will be provided along with dedicated training meetings to ensure you have the knowledge and support to succeed.

The role

By becoming a forever living business owner you will become an independent distributor of forever living products. The company offers amazing incentives, rewards and bonuses to all that are enthusiastic and dedicated to the business


Extra Income
More time and freedom
Meet new people
Become your own boss
help others to achieve their goals
a better work/life balance
working from home.
What are you waiting for? Become your own boss today!contact us NOW through our facebook page